How I generated 7 Leads in 2hrs when I want to PARK for evening walk , exercise – between 6pm to 8pm on 21st April 2014

Yesterday`s First Presentation for NutriWealth Business Opportunity was a massive Success with 6 people paying on the SPOT . Everyone of them had already visited the Website –

Had terrible cold . Morning did lot of work on Computer. Evening at 6pm decided to play badminton
in the Park at 15th Cross near my House at Indiranagar 2nd Stage .  Has I  neared the gate of the park, Saw on either side of the GATE 2 Set of People . Eureka Forbes Guys and  Art of Living Volunteers – 3 ladies  – where there. I was curious to ask about the STANDEE the Art of Living Ladies had  because I wanted a STANDEE to be KEPT at the ASHIRVAD so that when people come they will
know about the PROGRAM .

1.) 1st LEAD NUMBER : Art of LIVING Volunteers
I asked Art of Living Volunteers where did you get this STANDEE  done . Though I knew where it was done . The lady asked me had I done Art of Living . I told I did ART of LIVING in 1996 and when I went on 3rd to Ashram in Kanakpura Road , Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was sitting and Combing his hair while we sat for 1hr infront of him .

Again I told next day I tool my Girlfriend and went . After 10 years in 2005 , I took my Wife
and went for Jakkur Festival of 25th Anniversary of Sri Sir Ravishankar . For fun she asked was it the
Same girl , I told NO . All 3 ladies smiled . I invited them for the Sunday Seminar and took their Number .
One of the Lady name is – Radhika  and she gave her Email ID also . 1st LEAD generated at 6pm .
I gave them a Carrot which will make them to come one time for the Presentation  . Which I will tell you in the LIVE TRAINING SEMINAR. This Lead was at 6pm

2.) 2nd LEAD Number – Businessman who has Mineral Water Plant
After playing for 30 min . I sat on the bench and infront me was a elderly man . Started about
Lights not in the PARK and asked him his Business . He owns a Mineral Water Plant creating Water
Packets which he Sells for 50 paise which is SOLD for Rs.2 . Sometime I have also taken it and drank
it is Railway Station . He told he is a Co-Owner . Asked him whether he is FREE on Wednesday or
Sunday . He told he is FREE . He stays in Indiranagar Double Road . Made him to TYPE – ABHI and
Send it to 56767 . Where he got the Details of my WEBSITE and VENUE . His LEAD was at 6:53pm.
shown on the WEBSITE and on Mobile it showed at 6:55pm
LOOK at the SCREENSHOT I put below .

3.) 3rd LEAD Number – Guy who comes to Romance
A Guy and his girlfriend and come and sit in the PARK to Romance while I am playing . Few times
the Guy has played Badminton . After the Water man left , I called him . He knew me through his Relatives
who have attended my Student Seminar . Made him to Send the SMS. His name is Shown has MURALI .
Because I told him to Add the NAME while Sending . SMS- ABHI < Your Name> to 56767 . This was at 7:04pm

4.)  4th LEAD – GIRL in 20s Skipping
A girl in her 20s was Exercising by SKIPPING at the next STONE bench while I was doing PUSH-UP on another STONE BENCH . After was stopped Skipping , I went to her asked her
for the Skipping Rope . Told her a Guy used to get it and I did only 20 but noticed you did more .She explained that men have to do 300 Skipping per Day to be ACTIVE and energetic . And
explained for few minutes . After Skipping , I gave her the Rope asked her what she is doing .
She told – GOA , Studied engineering in Dharwad . Working is IT in Indiranagar. Told her
to SEND SMS= ABHI put your Name and 56767 . She sent and instantly a 500 Character
Message came to her . Later I found her name was – Pooja and Time is 7:35pm

5.)  EUREKA FORBES GUYS – 2 birds in ONE SHOT ::
When I came out of the Gate . The Eureka Forbes Guys where there . Blasted them that their Service is Bad . Told them to send a Service Guy for Repair and asked them Questions to build Rapport.
They sent SMS . 2 Leads at 7:57 pm Generated and they told they will come on Sunday at 3:31pm .

After them a Guy who has a Determination to Run 30 Rounds in the Park . Made him to Send the
SMS and at 8:04 my 7 Lead is generated .

7 Leads was generated in SPAN of 2hrs while I am DOING what I LIKE . Playing , Exercising
and  SKIPPING .  There is a 3 FOOT RULE . Anyone who come 3 Feet around you are your

and also the SCREENSHOT of my TAB .
1- 7 LEADS GENERATED in 2hrs when I go to PARK for Exercise in Evening.
3-LEADS Screenshot
4-Screenshot of LEADS generated

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Plz leave your Comments and let me know what you think .

Abhinandana TS

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